Eyes on the prize

The hopes and dreams of Cebu’s graduating students as they move on to adulthood

Text: Tiny Diapana


GRADUATING means so many things to the Cebuano people. To the family, it means swelling pride — three barangays over will hear the preening of feathers; there’s always a colorful tarpaulin spilling with congratulations and then a proud graduation party usually graced with lechon.

Meanwhile, to the up and coming graduate, it means the end of scouring through pages and cramming through exams; the end to all the boisterous overnight study parties; the end to the crippling fear of being called up in class when you haven’t really studied enough.

But most importantly, graduating means the beginning of a new chapter in life. Waves of giddy anxiety and excitement wash over as graduates stand in this threshold of being.

Speaking with some of Cebu’s graduating students, Sunstar Weekend presents to you the hopes and dreams of our young Cebuanos as they get ready to set sail in an open journey.

Maurice Jitty Villaester
BA Mass Communications Student at UP Cebu

“Since I was young, my parents always told me to do my best in school so that I can help them after I graduate. My whole life has been centered on this plan. Now, I really don’t know what to do but to help them. It is really difficult. I hope that after I graduate I will be able to help them at the same time do what I really wanted to do, which I don’t know as of now.”

Dana Mae Baynas
BS Computer Engineering Student at CIT

“I think I’d like to find a stable job that gives good salary. I want to save my money to treat my parents and friends, renovate the house, and then use up some of the savings for traveling. After doing those all these things, I think I’d like to build my own house and have my own family someday.”

Amy Ramos
Diploma in Professional Education (second course)

“First, I need to pass the licensure exam for professional teaching so I can formalize my teaching. I’m eyeing a degree as a Master of Arts in Education, Major in Speech Pathology. Well, that’s if my time and finances allow. If given the chance, I’d also like to teach in a formal (public or private school) as well.”

Fratri Edson Silva
BS Accounting Student at USC

“On a personal level, I also hope to take myself less seriously. This is my second graduation, so I hope I can pass the CPA board exam. I enrolled again last year and I’m hoping to get it right this time and graduate. I want to work for a private company because I’ve tried working for an accounting firm before and it’s terribly stressful. Public firms have tons of clients you’re assigned to and have to please with different deadlines etc. Private companies have one customer. The company you work for.”

Kim Esmero
BA Mass Communications Student at UP Cebu

“After I graduate, I’m considering a few career options such as copywriting, event planning and freelance writing. Mostly, I wish to pursue work in line with Mass Communication but those three are my top career choices. I also plan on working and saving up before I get my own place. Living on my own makes me feel independent. It’s good knowing that I can rely on myself and feel accomplished.”

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